IT Update: Have you Submitted a KACE Ticket for That?
Submitting a KACE Ticket
Ruppert is growing faster than ever before and the scale/ nature of IT support is following closely along. In 2015, the IT team realized the traditional way of help desk support—via phone calls, emails, sticky notes, and desk “drive-byes”—was no longer an efficient or organized way to manage IT support for the company. We decided to leverage the additional capabilities of a system we’d had in place since 2011 (Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance) to allow us to better organize and track our efforts around end-user support.
Safety Spotlight: Safety Keeps Us Growing (Mowing)
Mowing Safety
Mower accidents result in more than 55,000 injuries annually and some 75 people die from their injuries, according to the American Orthopedic and Foot Society. A large portion of the injuries involves loss of toes or part of the foot. Most mower accidents occur on slopes when the ground is damp or there is poor visibility. Use these tips to ensure that you and your team members remain as safe as possible when operating a mower.
Fleet Speak: Pad Maintenance
Air intake before and after cleaning
Our shop teams support the branches in many capacities. At the core, our goal is to train, maintain and repair. One of the key things that we train field operators on is pad maintenance for mowing and two-cycle equipment (aptly named after the concrete pad adjoining the shop facility where small equipment maintenance is performed). Standard pad maintenance consists of sharpening blades, greasing, pressure washing, removing debris buildup under the deck, and checking all safety devices.
Coach's Corner: Quality Details
Jimmy Watson Presenting
During one of our MDD maintenance breakout sessions, we took a new twist on the traditional “Devil in the Details” quality training course. In an effort to make the classroom training more interactive and fun, we challenged each branch to come up with three examples of before-and-after shots displaying horticultural details addressed during spring operations...They were each given 10 minutes to present in front of their peers and were graded by a panel of managers.
Training Tract: Training a New Way for Different Results
King of Prussia training
As the company grows and our needs evolve, our employee development team is continually searching for new ways to effectively present management skills training. This winter, we explored “branch-centered” training with our maintenance branches, trading in the traditional two-day classroom seminar that occurs in the training space at our corporate campus for a one-day workshop at the branch office.
In the Field with Intern Candidates
2017 Intern Candidates
Our Maryland and Virginia landscape construction branches recently invited potential intern candidates on a visit to learn more about what we do and to better understand the Ruppert culture and values.
Coach’s Corner: Preparing for Dormant Pruning
Dormant pruning is done to improve plant health and/or reduce the size of existing plantings that may have become overgrown since their initial planting. When properly timed and executed, dormant pruning will maintain the natural shape and growth habits of the shrub with respect to its flowering, fruiting and foliage characteristics.
IT Update: Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On
Single sign on (SSO) is an application which addresses two of our IT goals. The first goal is to maintain a secure network and provide access only to those who are authorized. Our second goal is to try, where we can, to lessen the user inconvenience that comes with having too many passwords to remember.
Fleet Team Attends GIE
GIE Expo
The corporate fleet team attended the annual Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE) that was held in Louisville, KY in October. The EXPO is the green industry's largest showcase of outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden products/outdoor leisure items, and light construction and landscape equipment.
Ready, Set, RuppertLEARNS!
As we continue to expand, training continues to be an important focus. Our new Learning Management System (LMS), also known as RuppertLEARNS, will now host all of our training tools and content, and will provide record keeping abilities.


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