Safety Spotlight: Safety Committee Sets Us Up for Success
For us, safety is not only a policy, it is part of our culture. We build safety practices and principles into our everyday routines, measure our success to hold ourselves accountable, and do our best to make the workplace a safer environment for our people and to provide a quality, safe service for our customers. One of the main reasons for this success is the continued efforts of our Safety Committee.
IT Update: Password Protection
We’ve all experienced that “what is my password again?” moment when trying to log on to any application used infrequently. The problem is that the last time you logged on, the system asked you to change your password to a 10-digit string which had to include a capital letter, a number and a special character and now you can’t remember if it was the name of your first dog and high school graduation year or your birthday and your mother’s maiden name.
Holiday Lighting and Decoration
The holidays provide a unique opportunity to showcase and share the joy of the holidays with customers, friends and visitors to your site. It’s a way that you can highlight your home or property, increase curb appeal and create a warm and festive holiday environment. If you don’t want to be caught short, you may want to start looking at holiday decoration options now!
Thoughts from our Interns
Intern Day 2016
We caught up with a few of our 2016 summer interns to ask them what they’ve learned and how they hope to apply that knowledge to their future careers. Here’s what they had to say...
Project Profile: Perryman Solar Field
MDL Installing Rows of Trees
When a land owner in Aberdeen, MD decided to turn several of his harvest fields into a solar field, a local ordinance dictated that he must mitigate a certain percentage of land to become a reforestation area. To meet this requirement, he partnered with Constellation Energy who subcontracted our Maryland Landscape Construction (MDL) branch to install 2,500 1-inch caliper trees, 300 24-inch shrubs and 300 1-gallon perennials across 13.5 acres of land.
Safety Spotlight: Preventing Injury from Pests and Poisonous Plants
Summer is here, and you’re not the only one who enjoys the warmer weather—a wide range of dangerous plants, insects and reptiles thrive in the summer months. Be on the lookout and learn to prevent contact with these threats to avoid discomfort, at the very least, and at worst, serious illness or disease.
Austin’s Tree House Make-A-Wish® Project
Austin's Tree House
Our Maryland Landscape Construction team had the opportunity to get involved in a very special Make-A-Wish® project.
IT Update: Email Security Awareness
You've probably been the recipient of suspicious emails at some point. In most cases, those emails represented harmful applications or intentions, loosely represented as a business related email. These types of messages are classified as “phishing” emails, where someone is trying to get access to your information by making the email seem like it is legitimate and hopes you make the easy mistake of opening it.
Seasonal Color Installation: Bed Prep is the Key to Success
Seasonal Color
The success or failure of flower installation is dependent upon good bed preparation as it determines the depth of the flowers’ root systems. We have developed a 10 Step Process outlining bed prep, proper planting, mulching and watering that we must adhere to for the flowers to have their best chance at taking root and thriving.
Building Up our Team through Empowerment
L to R: Sean Michael, Matt Farnsworth, Jenna Hicks, Steven Spiejer, Erick Yanez Alas
As I reflect on our company’s continued growth, I am reminded of the value, importance and need for each of us as individuals to continue to develop our knowledge and skills both on a professional as well as a personal level. It calls to mind one of our 12 Ruppert Values – that of empowerment.


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