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Ruppert Landscape was incorporated in 1976 and became a nationally-recognized landscape contractor known for the quality of its landscape construction and landscape management services provided between Philadelphia, PA and Atlanta, GA. The company was sold in 1998 during a period of industry consolidation, but in August 2003, upon completion of the five-year restriction period that accompanied the sale, Ruppert Landscape returned to the industry with full-scale commercial landscape construction and landscape management divisions. The impetus for this reentry into the market was twofold: to provide growth for current and future employees and to share the full scope of Ruppert's landscape contracting experience and expertise – past and present – with current, new and prospective clients. The company is headquartered in Laytonsville, Maryland in has just built a LEED-certified green corporate campus.

Throughout the company's long history as a landscape contractor, Ruppert has been known nationwide for its cutting-edge management practices and has regularly won top business management and industry craftsmanship awards. The management team, many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years, continues to focus its efforts on making Ruppert Landscape the landscape contractor of choice for customers and employees. The company continues to dedicate itself to providing exceptional value to clients and to providing significant opportunities for employees to grow and prosper. The work culture and values practiced at Ruppert Landscape are unique to the company, are rooted deep in its history and are a primary reason for the continued success of all the Ruppert companies.



Ruppert Landscape

Ruppert Nurseries (established in 1990) is a wholesale grower of top-quality trees.

Ruppert Properties

Ruppert Properties (established in 1999) owns, constructs and manages industrial properties in the Frederick, MD area.

Ruppert Ventrues

Ruppert Ventures (established in 1999) uses the management experience and resources of the Ruppert partners to assist in the business development of small to mid-size companies.

The addition of these companies provides added benefits for Ruppert Landscape. By being a part of the team, the company gains exposure to other industries and allows us to benchmark best practices, which makes us more valuable to our customers and our employees.

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