Ruppert Landscape to Provide Facelift to Armed Forces Retirement Home-Washington

June 17, 2015

Laytonsville, MD (June 8, 2015) – Ruppert Landscape has chosen the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH), known locally as DC’s Old Soldier’s Home, to host its 2015 Field Day on Friday, September 18, 2015.

AFRH, located in Washington, DC, is home to approximately 500 residents who are veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts around the world. “When we began looking at potential sites, we wanted to pick a site where there was great need and where what we did would provide great benefit,” said Craig Ruppert, Ruppert Landscape CEO.  “It just made sense to support our veterans who have supported our country all these years and we are happy to be using our landscaping skills to benefit such a deserving community.”

This day will involve a significant investment of both time and materials, totaling approximately $150,000. Ruppert will be working with AFRH to ensure that the site improvements align with their master plan with an overall goal of encouraging resident/veterans to enjoy the property’s amenities. Site improvements will likely include installation of pavers, sod, perennials, grasses, groundcover, shrubs and trees. In total, over 6,000 man hours are being donated to bring this project to fruition.  

This “Field Day” (which is what Ruppert calls the event) enables the company and its employees to give back to the community, combining charitable giving, training and competition amongst branches. Just over 600 of Ruppert’s top employees will be competing in a variety of events, some fun in nature, like relay races and obstacle courses; others testing their knowledge and skills, like identifying plants and operating heavy equipment; and others that will have a direct, lasting and high-quality benefit for the AFRH.

AFRH-Washington Administrator Shaun Servais, “AFRH-Washington is thrilled to have been selected for Ruppert Landscape's 2015 Field Day. We are looking forward to seeing the outcome of numerous grounds beautification projects on our 270 acre campus. Ruppert's generous donation will honor and benefit the Veteran Residents of the Home by improving outdoor spaces for the residents to enjoy.”

About AFRH-Washington

In 1851, a Trust Fund was created to establish the Soldiers’ Home so it would not rely on taxpayer dollars. Since then, US enlisted and warrant officers have made small monthly paycheck contributions so they may live at the Home and enjoy a comfortable retirement. Today, the Trust Fund is the Home’s primary source of funding. The community houses residents in five levels of care (Independent Living, Independent Living Plus, Assisted Living, Long Term Care and Memory Support). AFRH-Washington offers residents a range of amenities like a 9-hole golf course, fitness center, walking trails, hobby shops, weekly entertainment, bus trips, and more. AFRH is operated exclusively for war veterans and retired service members from all branches of the US military. For more information on AFRH and its longstanding commitment to US veterans visit To learn more about AFRH Washington visit us at or call 800.422.998 (option 1).

About Ruppert Landscape

Ruppert Landscape, a family and employee owned business, provides commercial landscape construction and management and operates from 18 branch offices in seven markets between Philadelphia and Atlanta. The company has been serving the Washington metropolitan region for over 40 years from its headquarters in Montgomery County, MD and has a long-standing tradition of supporting veterans who have supported our country and of giving back to the community. Visit us at

For more information, please contact Sheila Abarr, AFRH Public Affairs Officer, (202) 541-7550 (office) or Amy Snyder, Director of Public Relations for Ruppert Landscape (240) 477-1781 (office) or (410) 591-9242 (cell).